Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Without problems, we would not grow. 

I want to touch upon a few good problems that us humans have. In no particular order, here are a some:

  • The roots of your hair growing out at a fast rate
  • Sweating
  • Having to re-do your nails
  • Needing to shave more frequently 
  • Getting your period.   

These are signals that you are fuelling your body in the right way. By fuelling your body in the right way, I mean you are providing it with the correct nutrients and that your hormones are properly balanced. Your skin, hair and nails are growing and you are hydrating your body enough that it is generating the right oils and that its generally feels good.

It is important to get to grips with your body’s biofeedback and not to just focus on what you look like in the mirror or the number on the scale. 

When you are restricting foods from your diet and not eating enough what I have mentioned above, your body struggles to do these things. 

If you are shifting from restrictive eating habits to consuming enough food for your body, you will begin to notice these changes and they can be a great incentive when eating more or gaining weight feels difficult. 

Remember: A healthy outside starts from the inside. 


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