You Give Life To What You Give Energy To.

When we need to complete tasks on a daily basis, our body requires energy.

Doing a workout has a higher input than output, making it seem like it is a lot of effort to do.

Us humans are taught that comfort is the best situation, such as chilling on your sofa with a blanket, tea, biscuits and Netflix. Sounds like the life. Now imagine a tough sweaty weights and cardio session in the gym. It sounds like a picture of health but by no means comforting.

If we want our bodies to grow and for us to become strong and fit, we need to be able to muster up the energy to place our self in this discomfort.

Exercise is known to make us feel happier and energised after finishing a workout. This is the complete opposite to when we have lazy days. After a lazy day, we feel more tired than when we actually woke up. The reason for this is that our body hasn’t used any of the energy that we have stored.  When we exercise, our body has no choice but to exert this energy which leaves us feeling fresh.

The only way we are going to better ourselves is by pushing through that workout even when you didn’t feel like it. The majority of the time, the best workouts are the ones that we didn’t want to do and the only bad workout is the one that we didn’t do.


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