Hungover Are We?

Firstly, happy new year.

Secondly, after drinking last night, a fair few of us may be feeling worse for wear. For me, I find that the next day after drinking alcohol, I feel down in the dumps, so here are my tips to get you through the hangover.

  1. Avoid coffee. Coffee will make you feel more dehydrated than you already do.
  2. Drink your greens. These are essential for replacing the lost elecrtolytes from your body after all the drinking.
  3. Eat a good breakfast. The thought of stomaching food may be difficult but food is vital to getting you on the right track. Avocado and eggs on toast is one of the best as it helps to rebalance your blood sugar from the fibre in the toast and avocado contains potassium which is depleted when we drink alcohol.
  4. Have a nap. Sleep is one of the best cures for a hangover. If you don’t have the time for a nap, ensure you get an early night.
  5. Exercise. While the thought of exercising on a hangover is dreadful, actually the endorphins will make you feel positive.

The next time you have a few too many and experience a hangover, try these tips and see what a difference they make to your day.


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