How Many Rest Days Should You Have?

The number of rest days that you should have, is different to each person. There isn’t a right or wrong answer.

Rest days are a staple part when it comes to exercise.

The reason for this is, when we exercise, our muscle fibres tear and during our rest days, our body repairs which helps our muscles to heal and also enables us to becomes stronger.

In terms or rest days, I would recommend one, if not two days, if you are following a split, however if you are doing very high intensity or crossfit, three days, maybe four is best.

A rest day isn’t sitting and chilling all day, you can in fact have an active rest day. This can simply be going for a walk, stretching or doing some light cardio.

For me on my rest days, I like to do my 10,000 steps or even maybe a light yoga or pilates workout and of course, just like the next person, I like to simply netflix and chill.


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