So Ghosting Is A Thing Now?

I want to talk about my experience of being ghosted. 

Back in 2020, I was ghosted by someone whom, I believed to be very close with. 

We were talking like any normal people, and he switched from there. He asked me does he have an impact on my mental health? and he also said he chooses who he cares for and he has stopped caring for me. That was very hurtful.

The conversation abruptly ended and I shortly found out he had blocked me of everything, iMessage, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and he unsubscribed from my mailing list, without a word. He was very quick to do so. 

There are many reasons as to why someone may ghost you, some being:

  1. They may not know how to communicate properly
  2. They may avoid handling certain situations and hide from them
  3. They might have narcassitic traits- with some of the main ones being punishment, psychological manipulation and not wanting to face the concequences.

I was broken. I questioned myself and why I wasn’t good enough. How could someone go from talking to me all day to nothing? I began to assess my behaviour, imperfections and flaws.

I didn’t get the overall closure of the situation.

It had an impact on my mental health and I suffered with anxiety due to low self esteem. I was on antidepressants and had CBT. 

Overtime, I began to realise that it revealed more about the person than myself. 

The main source of comfort I can take from this situation is that he had a lack of empathy for how I was feeling and was being selfish. They are cowardly and immature. They will more often than not carry these tendancies into their next relationships.

If you ever have had this happen to you, just know that they are on a one way ticket with no return and it is by no means a reflection of you as a person, you are beautiful. Be happy because they left and don’t change who you are.


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