Let The Weekend Begin

I am so glad it is the weekend.

I am not one to sound so negative, but January has been tiring and mentally draining. I feel more lows than ups. 

Being in lockdown and the dark mornings make things a lot harder than they should be. 

Working towards goals on top of juggling a full time job is not an easy task. 

I honestly feel like 2 days off isn’t enough time to rest and recover. I seem to sleep over 10 hours on the weekend. 

I am also still adapting to my new job, there are challenges and every day I learn something new. 

The constant change is also hard to follow.  

I know that this feeling will go away in time to come, but I simply have to be patient and go with it. 

Let us all hope that February is a much better month for us all. 


One thought on “Let The Weekend Begin

  1. Hang in there K. I agree with you .. I’ve always thought work should be 3 or 4 on and the rest off for our life work, chores etc.

    I find IF and when I prioritize,m I’m much better off for it! ❤️❤️🤗Happy weekend!

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