What have I learnt about life during lockdown?

During lockdown, I actually learnt there were a lot of aspects in my life that I wasn’t happy about and that needed to change. 

I realised that I wanted to focus on my online coaching and put the ideas I had and make them into a reality however to do this, I needed a job that is closer to home. Although finding a job, during a pandemic isn’t the easiest, but looking local was actually a smart idea. I found a job within walking distance from my flat. 

I had time for doing things that I was putting off due to the fact I didn’t have enough time, when really, it wasn’t actually that I didn’t have enough time, it was about prioritising other things. 

Alongside this, I experimented with cooking new meals, did studying online and enjoyed the outdoors by discovering my local area. I learnt to appreciate what I have. When I used to go out, I bought things not because I needed them but more so because I wanted them. It really is about the little things.

Not seeing friends and family has been tough, but again we are lucky enough to be able to have the virtual connections due to the advanced technology that we have. 

We have had to embrace these changes. Change is scary, but if we resist these changes, it causes unnecessary stress, and a lack of motivation. We have to take our time to find the new norm and what works for us but we will work this out. 

I think, one of the main things that I learnt is to sit back, and actually appreciate life and not just being in survival mode.


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