Where Do We Find Happiness?

Happiness isn’t found from doing a quick fix diet. It is getting to know our body composition and understanding what it is capable off. 

When we decide to take part in a fitness programme or change our habits, we have a target to get from one weight to another. However, once we hit that goal, we then need to set another one. 

You begin to change your opinion on what progress actually is. The next step for most is to then get lean and get abs. Once you get there, you have another one in mind and that is to now grow your glutes or shoulders etc. 

Through following this mind-set, it causes us to have unrealistic expectations of how our body should look. Our body will never stay the same. 

Weight constantly fluctuates, sometimes we bloat, other times it can be down to hormones or even the fact that we aren’t focusing on our training at that particular time. 

None of these things are bad. Ultimately, the end goal when it comes to fitness is to find happiness through taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle. 


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