Your Purpose Is Within

How many times have you found yourself going on a journey and you end up feeling lost?

It is only normal that when you feel lost, you begin to experience anxiety, doubt and feel stuck. 

When it comes to our purpose, we aren’t really stuck, nor is it lost, you just need to find it. It is there within your external compass. 

What I am trying to say, is that it is okay to continue moving forward from the point that you are at now. Don’t try and find your purpose. Allow yourself to move on.

You need to tune into yourself, take action and make a list of the things that you feel are in and out of alignment.

Check in with yourself and see how you feel along the journey. Move in a direction, but be okay if it changes. You are on a journey to self discovery. No journey is going to be perfect. Go from where you are and keep going.

It is your path, your journey and your story to tell. 


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