Love Yourself

Have you ever said the words “I wish I could love myself.”

This is something that I hear so frequently on social media or from clients. 

Wising you could have a house by the sea, wishing you could win the lottery and wishing you could get your dream car involves eternal factors, but loving yourself is completely internal.

You have the power over the choices you make. Choosing to dislike yourself may not be something that runs through your head on a daily basis, but when you talk badly about yourself and call yourself fat etc. you choose to dislike yourself. 

The reason we dislike ourselves is so that we can do this before someone else does. What if you made the choice to love yourself? What if you thought that what you felt was more important than what someone else thinks about you? What of you believe you are worth of love and being accepted?

These things are all scary as insecure people feel intimated by those that are comfortable and love themselves. The reality is, what someone else thinks about you is a reflection on how the feel internally. 

Be clear on the type of person that you want to be. Be clear on the version of yourself that you choose to love. How would they show up? 

Remember this affirmation: I choose to love myself. 

Self-love is as simple as making a choice. 

Live Like KK x


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