Forgive Your Past

We are all human and we all make mistakes at some point in our lives and when this happens we are constantly faced with negative thoughts and feelings. We ned to let go of the past and accept it in order to move on.

Acknowledging that the past is the past may seem simple, but we need to actually accept that we cant undo the past. That is when we can accept and begin the journey forward.

On top of accepting how we feel, we need to understand our values and morals. We need to think about what we value here and now and how that is different from the past version of ourselves. Then start acting in line with the new beliefs and values. 

If we want to move forward, we need to commit to replacing these thoughts with positive ones. 

Another way to forgive yourself if to re-do. By re-do I mean write down how you would do things differently if the situation were to arise again. By doing this, we ultimately understand that we did wrong and if we had the skills that we do now we would have acted differently. 

The last and biggest thing that we can do is to move forward and give ourselves love. Think kindly and compassionately about ourselves. 

Don’t let the past ruin what you have to offer now. 


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