Day out recommendation: Borough Market

As we all know, I love London. I might sound bias, because I am a Londoner, however it is one of my favourite places to be. 

The other day I ventured to Waterloo. I took a stroll by the river with a takeaway pint. These have become my thing during lockdown.

I then ventured down to Borough Market. Borough market is blooming. It is full of a whole host of traders ranging from world foods such as Caribbean, Iranian, Mexican and much more. Alongside that, there are also wine merchants, cheese stalls, fresh fish and pastries. 

I was spoilt for choice. I did want Paella from Furness Fish, but something that I am a big fan of are falafels, so I found a stall called Arabica bar and kitchen. They serve Middle Eastern Meze. I had a wrap with falafels, chilli, lettuce, pickles, mint sauce and chilli sauce. It was full of favour and enough that I wasn’t feeling overfull.

After eating and walking around the market, it was time for a drink. A pub that is close to Brough Market is called The George Inn. The decor reminds me of the 17th century. They also have an outside courtyard and have a variety of drinks from ale, to liquors. I opted for a Beavertown Neck Oil. It has a crisp flavour and isn’t too light. 

Once I had my drink, I walked back through Borough Market to head towards the river again. As I was leaving the stalls were closing and Furness fish gave a free paella. Lucky or what. I was more than excited to tuck into that. The paella was a mixture of fish and chicken and they weren’t stingy on the portion size or the amount of fish you got, so it was a big thumbs up from me. 

In London you are never spoilt for choice. If you are looking for the whole lot, food, drink, dessert then Borough Market is the one and make sure to try Furness Fish and Arabica. 


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