Perfection Isn’t Always Best

When I first started out on my journey, it was to do with fitness, but the main thing I did was to tell myself that I wasn’t restricting myself and that I was just dedicated to becoming my best self.

The fact that I had to tell myself that I was living a balanced life and seek validation from others was a huge sign that I wasn’t doing that. 

I believed that those who told me that it wasn’t a good balance didn’t understand the fitness journey, I believed that eating all the meal prepped food rather than out was how it should be and I believed this was the norm.

Upon reflection it wasn’t. I thought should choose my fitness goals over having a social life, I believed that I had to live through eating a restrictive diet and tracking every ounce of calorie and choose having a routine over fun. 

What I am trying to say here is to watch out for that dark area. Be mindful and live. Don’t think abut perfection, because in reality perfection isn’t sustainable. 


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