Feel The Feeling

Following on from my last post about emotions coming and going, today I want to talk about how we can look after ourselves when it comes to emotions. 

  1. Be aware. That is key. Just being aware of how we feel. Start the day asking yourself how are you feeling?
  2. Balance. Find a balance though the things that you are doing in life so that you do not become overwhelmed to the point where there is no switching off. 
  3. Find a good way to express emotions. This can be though the use of music, writing, drawing. Just don’t bottle them up. 
  4. Find out what truly matters to you. By discovering what is important, it can help us to control our emotions through factoring in the time to do these things. 

Emotions are part of the journey. If you can master your emotions, you will be able to be happier and live a more peaceful life.


Let Your Heart Feel Light

Feeling lighter is something that we all should actually look to be like. 

Having that feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders and when things flow with ease, that is essential. 

If we want to feel like this, here are a few tips:

  1. Look at the little signs in life
  2. Stop being hard on yourself 
  3. Stop judging yourself 
  4. Follow your heart
  5. Listen to what your head says
  6. Stand up straight instead of slouching
  7. Look at what is triggering you and see how you can release this
  8. Plan self care days
  9. Give yourself space 
  10. Allow yourself to have feelings and emotions instead of holding them in.

What does feeling lighter look like to you?