Be Yourself

Hi There. Happy Thursday.

Something that has been on my mind lately is the question of why can’t we be ourselves? The thing is that the society we live in makes it hard to be ourselves. Social media makes it hard for us to not compare ourselves to one another or be influenced about how others live. 

When we show up as our authentic self, no makeup, stretch mark doing odd things, this is us being honest and real. These are the things that we need to learn to accept.

Accepting who we are is all part of growing. We can change certain things, but really the key element is to learn to embrace who we are. 

From my experience, it is uncomfortable learning to be yourself. I found that it made me feel vulnerable to all sorts of criticisms from others, but the more I kept doing this, the easier it became. 

If you need reminding of why you should get comfortable with who you are this is my advice:

I simply learnt not to give a f*** what people thought because the only person I need to please is myself and this is what you need to do too because you are great as you are. 

All The Best,

Live Like KK x


Start Living The Life You Imagined

I said to someone that I want to retire and they responded with find a job that doesn’t feel like work. That hit home a lot. I cannot agree more with what they said.

Since the pandemic the majority of businesses are focussing on work life balance and wellness and more people are not taking any more hassle from companies. We fought to live during the pandemic and now people have taken living to a new level. Not just in terms of the memories they make, but also with careers. 

More and more people are working for themselves or if not they are not putting up with the  disrespect, the demands and the stresses that a workplace gives. 

For me, the pandemic made me realise that coaching is my passion. I enjoy helping people. Living is not working 40 hours in a job you dislike or being dictated to, even being told when you can and cannot take holidays. Yes businesses have been going through tough times but so have people’s mental health. Whatever you do, you should be treated with respect and be happy. 

This is my message to you, to go out there and find the job that makes you feel lighter. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

When you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

Beat The Winter Blues

We all get the winter blues, so my question to you is, what can you do to help your well-being during this winter?

1. The easiest thing you can do is to smile and laugh. Whether that is with your friends, or while watching a movie or show you like. Laughter is good for the soul.

2. Prioritise your sleep. Sleep is great for our overall wellness. Get your 7-9 hours sleep, and enjoy the daylight ours. 

3. Listen to music and have a dance around your room. Music and dancing are great for realising negative energy, so put on your favourite tunes and jump around your room. Who says you need a club?

4. Get moving. This one speaks for itself. Go outdoors in the fresh air, move and warm up those muscles and take in the colours of winter. 

As Tim Allen quoted, “winter forms our character and brings out our best.”

Seek First To Understand

The most difficult thing to do is to understand ourself.

Things are much easier when we understand ourselves. We don’t need other people to understand our journey, we don’t need other people to understand the choices we make and we don’t need other people to understand our past. 

When we are on a journey to get understand self-love, healing, the main thing we need to do is to understand ourselves. 

Make the choices that make you feel empowered and take action. You deserve to feel your best. 

Change Brings Opportunities

It is okay to change. 

You don’t have to be the same forever. 

You shouldn’t let the fear of what other people will think or say hold you back. More often than not, people won’t actually say anything as they are dealing with their own things. 

Change is inevitable.

Change is magic. 

Change enables you to leave negativity behind. 

Change helps you to create the life you want and become your best self. 

Where Do We Find Happiness?

Happiness isn’t found from doing a quick fix diet. It is getting to know our body composition and understanding what it is capable off. 

When we decide to take part in a fitness programme or change our habits, we have a target to get from one weight to another. However, once we hit that goal, we then need to set another one. 

You begin to change your opinion on what progress actually is. The next step for most is to then get lean and get abs. Once you get there, you have another one in mind and that is to now grow your glutes or shoulders etc. 

Through following this mind-set, it causes us to have unrealistic expectations of how our body should look. Our body will never stay the same. 

Weight constantly fluctuates, sometimes we bloat, other times it can be down to hormones or even the fact that we aren’t focusing on our training at that particular time. 

None of these things are bad. Ultimately, the end goal when it comes to fitness is to find happiness through taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle.