Steps To Boost Creativity

Creativity is defined as using our imagination or original ideas to create something. Creativity is an important component of wellness because it helps to boost your health through challenging yourself and brain. Many people think you either have creativity our you don’t, when in fact this isn’t the case. We all have creativity, it is just how we choose to use it. 

You can practice creativity in your everyday life. Something as simple as journalling is known as creativity. Other activities that are classed as creative can be knitting, drawing, painting and sewing. 

You can also change your mindset to help you boost your creativity levels. You can do this by; learning new ideas at the right time, be open to new things and ask questions. 

By learning new ideas at the right time, this means learning at a time when you are unable to be interrupted. 

Being open to new things, is about being flexible about trying new creative activities.

Asking questions is about allowing your memory to find more information that helps you to solve things you are not sure about. 

Other steps that you can take to boost your creativity and intellect is to:

Determine what you want. Figure out your short and long term goals. 

Determine where you can get the knowledge that you are seeking, i.e. books, seminars, classes.

Apply yourself. 


It Is Okay To Not Text Back

During this pandemic, we have been stuck with having to FaceTime, Zoom and text people as opposed to having face to face contact. Occasionally we may have forgotten to reply to messages.

There are some people who naturally take longer to reply, but when we have friends who are so quick with replying and then they don’t we question whether or not they are okay?

We see people taking social media breaks and naturally this is the same as taking a break from replying. The difference between a social media break and a texting break is that we just don’t announce it. 

Rather than calling people bad friends for not responding, the best thing to do is to drop a quick message to see how they are or let them know that you are there for them. 

We need to make it okay for people for people to not feel pressured into texting back. 

Goodbye June

June… the month that lockdown restrictions were meant to ease. Despite this not going ahead, it is frightening how we past the half way mark of the year.

June is a time of reflection and planning. Reflecting on the highs and lows of the past 6 months and then planning and setting my goals for the next months ahead leading up to Christmas. 

Here is a little roundup.

The beginning of the year was a bit of a downer. I was in a job I disliked and things were still closed. Not being able to see friends and family when you feel down is hard. I was also signed off sick for my stress and anxiety. 

In a way that helped me to work out what I really wanted to do and that was focus on Live Like KK. I used the time that I was signed off to meditate, exercise, take walks and focus on myself and my business. I have started coaching a couple of new clients. 

I moved out of my flat. It was terrible in terms of the damp conditions that we lived in. Now I am in a happier place. I also left my job that I disliked and found a new job. 

Things reopening has been great on my mental health too. Being able to live a relatively normal life within reason was very much welcomed. Having celebrated my 28th birthday in lockdown, I made up for that this year. I spent my actual day eating and drinking in the pub in the pouring rain and then the weekend which was the May bank holiday, I had friends round in the garden for food and drinks. I don’t take for granted the amazing group of people I have around me.

I also had the opportunity to see my Chelsea FC play again. I got to go to Wembley and see us play the FA Cup final. Although we lost, being around my Chelsea family and being there to support my team was a highlight of the past 6 months. We also won the champions league final. Although I didn’t go out to Porto, winning a trophy is always a great feeling. The euros have been on. A summer of sport is welcomed. For those of you that are new here, I love football but I enjoy tennis too. We then have the Olympics to watch too!

The next few months, I want to be able to continue to work on my business and keep growing Live Like KK. I also want to keep doing what makes me happy, focusing on my health and wellness along with continuing to make memories with the important people and animals (cookie & Chloe cat) in my life.