Your Body Loves You

Summer is slowly creeping up on us, and it brings about the feelings of bad body image days. 

If you are having one of those bad body image days, there are a few things that you can do to shift this. 

  1. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, not the tight skirt or hot pants. Loose fitting is best. 
  2. Quit body checking. It won’t do you any good, it will make you feel more self-conscious. 
  3. Talk nicely to your body. Give it positive affirmations. 
  4. Remember no-one cares. Believe me, the number of times I thought people would notice if I carry extra weight or am bloated and I panicked but the reality of the situation was that no-one noticed or cared. 

Take a step back and appreciate the body for what it does for you.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x


Don’t Let Your Mind Bully Your Body

Body image is something that I used to struggle with. I used to feel uncomfortable with how I looked. I would do HIIT workouts day in and day out and eat good foods. 

The hashtags #fitchick #fitgirls would be what I would look up to and inspire to be with but now my outlook has changed completely. 

My mindset and focus isn’t to jump to exercise if the scales fluctuate and I don’t think to myself that I need to burn off the extra calories or restrict my food.

Instead, I fuel my body with foods that I enjoy and eat balanced and I do the things I enjoy, I go out for meals, I drink alcohol, I have desserts and I am happy and feel better than I did before. 

We need to exercise in a way that makes us feel good and also learn to love the body that we have. 

Look After Yourself

Let me start by asking you, is there anything worse than feeling ashamed in your own body?

Your body is your home.

The next question is how will you change what you don’t like?

You need to rememeber that you will have difficult days, you will have days that you get annoyed and fed up. You need to learn from this.

You need to let the bad days encourage you to do better. Always strive for progress.

You need to be patient.

You also need to be willing to make all these changes.

Your body is the most valuable thing you have so look after it.

Your skin is an investment, not an expense.