Stop The Snacking

Food is our main source of energy and if we skip meals to snack, our bodies are only going to function optimally. 

Our energy will be low, our digestion will be out of sorts and we will bloat more frequently, our natural hunger cues can get messed up, we may feel grumpy and we may eventually end up over eating. 

The best thing to do is to start the day with a solid, balanced meal full of carbs, protein and fats, and continue this pattern throughout the day which well leave us feeling full and satisfied. 


What Message Are Your Cravings Telling You?

Today we are going to explore what these cravings mean because, when we crave certain foods it may in fact be telling us something about our physical wellbeing. 

Craving that chocolate bar tells you something different to when you crave that bag of crisps. Are you interested in finding out more? Yes, then read below. 

If you crave carbs such as bread, pasta and cereal, it could mean that your body has a lack of the amino acid Tryptophan. This is used to help produce serotonin which is our mood regulating hormone. The lack of carbs can cause low moods and energy from our tryptophan deficiency.  If you do have serious carb cravings, maybe look at what is going on in your life that could potentially be causing this. 

Fatty Foods
That fried chicken, takeaway pizza and nut butters etc. all have something in common, they are high in fats. If you find that you are craving these types of foods more often than not, it is most likely that you need energy. Fat out of all our macronutrients has the highest calories, and if you are over exerting yourself by training too hard, or even the other way round and restricting calories, your body is simply looking for more to help it function better. 

Salty Foods
You walk past the shop and think to yourself, I could really do with a bag of crisps or that salted popcorn, but why do you crave salt? The reason for this could be that you are dehydrated. It sounds odd to think, but when you look at the science behind it, maybe not. The role of sodium is to pull water into our cells and ensure water stays in our body long enough to keep us hydrated. So, if you are dehydrated, the body will try and retain as much salt in order to keep the electrolytes balanced. 

Sugary Foods
We are all human and every once in a while a doughnut, cake or bar of chocolate sounds like a treat. However, craving these foods could be an indication of high cortisol (stress) levels or an imbalance in blood sugar levels. The lack of sleep can also be a cause. Sugar gives us a quick boost of energy (followed by a huge crash, if you go too crazy with it) and your body knows this so it will ask for it.

If you are craving these on a regular basis, it may be worth looking at how you are managing stress, practice good eating habits by getting in all your macro and micronutrients as opposed to the artificial foods, along with ensuring you get enough sleep. 

The Importance of Body Fat

I love my abs so much that I protect them with a layer of fat. 

Having body fat seems to be given a bad name, however we all need to be able to maintain a healthy level of body fat for a variety of reasons, so I thought I would outline the importance of this. 

  • Fat is essential for helping our body to absorb certain vitamins. Without it, it may cause us to develop vitamin deficiencies. The main vitamins that fat helps us to absorb are A, D, E and K. 
  • It helps us to insulate our body. Through having a healthy level of body fat, we are able to regulate our body temperature, helping us to prevent severe levels of hot and cold. 
  • Fat is important when it comes to the structure of the cells in our body. It is especially vital for maintaining the health of our skin, hair and nails. 
  • A healthy level of body fat is crucial for producing hormones, specifically speaking of sex hormones which for females is beneficial for fertility. It is a well-known fact that females who have extremely low levels of body fat have low levels of estrogen which can cause them to stop menstruating. 
  • Without good levels of fat, our energy levels can also be affected. By not having enough body fat, these can be decreased. It can also cause us to fatigue. 

These are only a few of the reason why we need to ensure we keep to a healthy level of body fat. You are not fat, you have fat.