How Is Your Motivation?

Hi. I hope you are doing well. 

We all set ourselves challenges, and goals, but once the initial excitement of working towards these goals wears off, how do we stay motivated?

  1. Make sure the goals that you have set are the right ones. If you aren’t sure it is the right goal, of course, your motivation will dip. 
  2. Be careful about the way you talk to yourself. Don’t talk to yourself in a way that degrades you. Talk to yourself using powerful statements and affirmations that motivate you. 
  3. Remember your why. Why are you doing this? Why do you want this? Why is this your goal?

I would love to hear how your motivation is going this year, so do comment on this post.

All The Best,
Live Like KK x


New Year, New Me?

Hi There!

All the talk in January is about new year, new me. What about if that wasn’t the case? What if we look at things a bit differently such as the new year and real you?

What does being the real you look like?

The real you knows your passions, what makes you annoyed, and has a sense of confidence. Unfortunately there is no quick fix or magic to make this happen, you need to dig deep and realise that the best thing you have is how unique you are.

By saying this, I am not saying don’t have goals or things that you want to achieve, however, if we are not sure of the here and now, then how can we look forward? My task for you is to get to know who you are and build that foundation to show your true potential.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

What? Where?

Where are you going?

What do you want?

Everyday we get up and move. Everything that we do each day takes us on a journey that drinks us closer to our true selves and closer to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Knowing what we want and the type of person we want to be, knowing and beliefs and values are all part of this journey.

Whatever your goal is, it can be done. Your dreams can become a reality and your fears can be overcome.

The world has enough room for you to be happy and successful. Go get it.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Commit To Being The Best

Hi There!

I hope you are well.

There are only a few weeks left of the year for you to become the best version of yourself.

If you are stuck for a few ideas, here are some things that you can do:

  1. Follow a morning routine
  2. Move your body daily
  3. Meal prep weekly
  4. Drink your 2 litres of water daily
  5. Tick of a small goal each day

What will you do over the next few weeks? Let me know and we can motivate one another.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

The Next Few Months

How we are in the fourth quarter of the year is beyond me. How will you look at it? Will you keep doing what you are doing or will you give yourself that extra push to finish the year on a high?

What I recommend is to visualise how you want the rest of the year to go. Try adopting the following prompts:

  1. Over the next 3 months I want to feel:
  2. I will create more space for:
  3. Ways I can implement good habits:
  4. I will make this happen by:
  5. At the end of the year I want to look back and feel:

Alongside this, also ensure that you:

  1. Invest in your wellbeing
  2. Make time for yourself
  3. Have fun

You are the main person who can create the best life for you.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

What Do You Need To Do?

I just want to talk about finding your purpose.

I have jumped from many jobs and each time I started a job I thought it was going t be the one, but a few months into it and once I had felt settled, I would begin to feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

I felt as though I couldn’t find what was meaningful and important to me.

It took me many years to get to where I am now, trial and error, stepping out of my comfort zone but I know what I need to do.

Once you find your passion and purpose, you will know. The feeling is just right.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Comparisons Serve No Purpose

Happy Sunday. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

It could be through seeng someone getting a promotion, buying a house, getting married or setting up a business while you are still working your way there.

You need to remember that every journey starts somewhere. If this is you:

  1. Remind yourself off your strengths and use these when working on your goals.
  2. Think back to the last couple of years. Look at the things that you have achieved?
  3. What advice would you give to your younger self? These lessons are important to remember.

Focus on your own journey rather than comparing yourself to what others have done so far.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

You Are Growing Everyday

How is your journey to self-development going?

When it comes to growth and development, I often see an all or nothing mindset.

You are either pleasing everyone else and neglecting yourself or you are either procrastinating or smashing every goal of yours. 

Either way, none of these are sustainable. When you realise that you want to change, think about what is manageable for you rather than what is aesthetic. 

The majority of our all or nothing mindset comes from comparing ourselves to other people. 

Even myself, I am still learning to improve my wellness on a daily basis and learn how to stop people pleasing.  

Start focusing on your own life and goals and lower the expectations you have of yourself.

Take it one step at a time, as opposed to trying to jump straight to the top. 

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Change Your Words, Change Your World

Happy Saturday.

With it being July, a new month brings about thoughts of goals and moving forward/ what next?

If you feel like you haven’t moved forward and are not where you want to be at the moment, reframe your thoughts and language. 

Rather than saying “I am behind” try saying “I haven’t quite got there yet, but I am working hard towards it.”

By altering the way you say things, it helps to remove the all or nothing mindset and opens the door and gives you space to achieve what you want. 

Other ways you can say things are:

Instead of I don’t know- I am learning 

Instead of But- And 

Instead of Should- Want

This is your space to move forward. 

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Say No.

When we look after ourselves, it doesn’t just mean physically. It also means, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Something that I find is happening a lot, it is being unable to say no and feeling guilty when we do say no, especially when it comes to work. 

Work demands a lot from us and we shouldn’t feel guilty for saying no if we can’t work extra, or do a longer shift. We have lives to live, plus we don’t need to get burnt out and compromise our wellness. 

If we over do it, we run the risk of not being able to show up and perform to the best of our ability, or even reach our personal aspirations. For me, my business is my number 1, but if I constantly say yes to things, where will I find the time to put in the work for Live Like KK, or my health and wellbeing?

We are not obliged to do these things, so next time you are asked and it doesn’t serve you, simply let it go and say no. 

Remember you come first always. Saying no, is the ultimate self-care.

All The Best,

Live Like KK