You Can Improve The Present

Hi there. Happy Thursday.

I am coming at you with a few simple ways that you can make your day better if you are struggling a bit.

  1. Take your time. This is easier said than done, but in reality if we aren’t feeling good and we rush around, it will only make us feel more on edge than we already are.
  2. Avoid the negative talk. If you are having a tough day and you come across people moaning or saying negative things, walk away from it. Don’t allow yourself to join in and get triggered.
  3. Stay hydrated. Believe it or not, water is vital for our daily productivity so be sure to drink your 2litres.
  4. If you don’t feel up to doing something, don’t feel forced to say yes. If you say yes, when you don’t want to do something, it will only result in you feeling frustrated and under pressure.
  5. Show up for yourself and only yourself. You don’t need to change or prove anything to anyone except yourself.

I hope these tips help you to have a better day. If there are any tips you think of, comment them below.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x


Happiness Depends On Ourselves

When it comes to happiness, you shouldn’t have to wait. 

Behaviour change is possible. It all starts with figuring out who you are.

We need to evaluate how happy we are now. We need to look at the following:

  1. Friendships
  2. Career 
  3. Family Life
  4. Health 
  5. Day to Day Activities

Once we look at these we should then start with small efforts to make improvements in the aspects that we want to change. 

We can gratitude daily, exercise frequently, even ensure we do acts of kindness, it could be for someone we know or even a stranger. 

These are simple things that help us make sure we create happiness. 

Change The Game, Don’t Let The Game Change You

Let us talk about change.

With spring coming up, the leaves on trees are growing and flowers are blooming.

Change to many people is a daunting process because we are unsure of what may arise from this. At the same time, change does bring around exciting prospects too.

My pathway in life so far has not been a straightforward one. After I graduated uni came the real world, applying for jobs and starting work. It made me feel apprehensive and uneasy, however from all the decisions I have made, I have not had a single regret about my choices.

I have taken risks in terms of my career paths, I have also made great friends and relationships from the journey so far along with learning about myself as a person.

I am continuing to learn about myself and being the best person I can be through helping others and also going for gold in terms of reaching for my aspirations. Change will be a part of that journey but rather than panicking about these changes, look for the excitement that comes with it.

Change is inevitable and change is constant.

Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

Many people ask me, how I stay motivated through my training, eating, business and life in general.

Well it is rather simple.

  1. Relax. Relaxing is important. Anyone who goes crazy and trains every day of the week wont be able to relax nor recover and in fact will do serious damage. The same goes for those who diet all the time. There is a reason why we don’t do any of these things.
  2. Reflect. By this, I mean look back on your week and evaluate all the things that you have done and the things that you could improve on. If you don’t see the positives, something is clearly wrong.
  3. Set Goals. Write down all the things that you want to achieve, set a time frame and crush them.