Show Me Love

Don’t beat yourself up. 

It is important to notice when we are not being kind to ourselves. 

The reason we are unkind is due to the need to stay safe. It is our response to when we make mistakes or failure when our inner critic jumps in to protect us but that often leads to feelings of upset and guilt. 

The thing is, making mistakes and failing are all part of growth and self-development. 

Be mindful of your negative talk and unrealistic expectations that you have of yourself and normalise making mistakes. It is all part of being a human. 

Be kind and show yourself love. 


Break Up With Your Inner Critic

There are a few things that your inner critic doesn’t want you to know.

These are that:

  • You are enough.
  • You are worthy of respect.
  • You are worthy of love. 
  • You deserve to be on this planet. 
  • You are allowed to feel good about yourself. 

Next time you feel that your negative self talk is trying to come out of hiding, ensure you repeat these things to yourself. Show up for yourself and who you are in this world.