Working 9-5

The crisis of staffing at work in the UK is something that is really being tested since the pandemic.

More and more people have begun to realise that a 9-5 or full time job isn’t what they want to do anymore and that their time is more valuable.

I for one can truly see the benefits as working freelance and choosing the shifts that it around my business and my personal life so I can have the work life balance that I’ve yearned for, not to mention taking holidays when I want.

If you are someone that has a side hustle that you want to make your full time project rather than devoting your days and nights to a job that doesn’t fulfil you, maybe it’s time to rethink.

Ask yourself:

What do I really want?

What truly brings me happiness?

In life risks are meant to be taken. You don’t want to be sitting their thinking what if all your life.

Go get what you deserve.

Live Like KK x


Start Living The Life You Imagined

I said to someone that I want to retire and they responded with find a job that doesn’t feel like work. That hit home a lot. I cannot agree more with what they said.

Since the pandemic the majority of businesses are focussing on work life balance and wellness and more people are not taking any more hassle from companies. We fought to live during the pandemic and now people have taken living to a new level. Not just in terms of the memories they make, but also with careers. 

More and more people are working for themselves or if not they are not putting up with the  disrespect, the demands and the stresses that a workplace gives. 

For me, the pandemic made me realise that coaching is my passion. I enjoy helping people. Living is not working 40 hours in a job you dislike or being dictated to, even being told when you can and cannot take holidays. Yes businesses have been going through tough times but so have people’s mental health. Whatever you do, you should be treated with respect and be happy. 

This is my message to you, to go out there and find the job that makes you feel lighter. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

When you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

How To Increase Productivity At Work

Being a Life Coach and doing Corporate Wellness Coaching, what a business needs in order to be successful are to ensure teamwork and productivity are enhanced. 

When teams pull together, people’s suggestions are shared in a way that benefits everyone. 

How can you increase productive at work and ensure there is good teamwork?


This might seem obvious, however it is something that isn’t done often. Through delegating tasks and sharing the workload can increase productivity. This immediately balances out the equation. The completion rate is faster and also higher with other employees input. It saves the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Again, this might be obvious, but it is something that is lacking. We established that sharing the workload can make employees feel valued and also be more productive. On top of this, organising team events or games can help to boost the morale. Also, reward employees who have gone above and beyond in terms of performance is great for morale boosting. 


If you cross train employees this means that each employee are more flexible in terms of how they can help with different tasks. This means that in the event of an emergency, you have the staff available to ensure that business runs smoothly. On top of this, it also boosts team work and productivity. 


We are always told that communication is key, and this is especially vital in business. If you want to work through conflicts, answer questions and avoid issues, ensure each employee communicates effectively with one another. A way to do this is to have forums where employees are able to share ideas. Also, other training opportunities such as leadership can be offered in order to boost productivity and teamwork.

Should You Leave Your Office Job?

It doesn’t matter of you are furloughed or working from home, or even let go, in fact this might be a blessing in disguise. 

If we have more time away from the office environment, we have more time to reflect on whether what we are doing is going to take us to where we want and whether or not we actually enjoy the job.

It also enables us to reflect on the progress that we have made in our work life. Do you enjoy your job and get satisfaction out of it? What impact are you making on the company? 

Going back to the fact that being away from your office environment may be a blessing in disguise is because:

You have managed to figure out what you really want and what is important

Your values and priorities have changed. I realised that what I want to do full time is focus on my online coaching business  

You are able to focus on your side projects 

You are able to devote more time to your passion because you don’t have the hassle of having to commute day in and day out. For me, I managed to kick start my blog and focus on my social media presence. 

You can learn something new 

The extra time may be a chance to get something new under your belt. That could be going back to university, learning a new hobby such as playing a musical instrument or art , etc. I decided to purchase courses online from Centre Of Excellence. I did a Yoga Diploma, Mindful Mental Health Course, Massage Therapist Diploma, Sports Massage Practitioner Course and a Sports Nutrition Diploma. All these things have helped to further me in my online business. 

The future is uncertain, but one thing isn’t and that is we are in control of our work choices. Is it time to do what is best for ourselves and taking the leap of faith?

Success Doesn’t Come To You, You Go To It

To be successful in life, you have to make your own luck. 

Nothing we get in life is just handed to us on a plate. 

We have to work hard for what we want and grind out on a daily basis. I work Monday – Friday, 9-5, and once I am home from work, I then spilt my evening into chill time and the tasks that I want to complete for my Live Like KK business. 

When you want to achieve your dreams, there is no straight cut pathway to this. We essentially have to work at our goals and hope that we get to where we want to. 

Take my blog, I blog because I enjoy writing and because I want to share experiences along with helping people to create the life that they want. I want people to come to my site as a place where they feel comfortable, happy and able to seek guidance. 

Success looks different to each person. To me that is continuing to grow my blog, my instagram, and gain new clients but ultimately to being happy and working for myself.

Keep putting in the effort and working towards what you want and make your luck and the create the life you want. 

How To Run A Business Alongside A Full-Time Job.

I am now back to doing a 9-5 job and let me just say, it feels good to havea routine again.

We all have hobbies that we enjoy and want to make a career out of whether that is making music, painting, blogging, sports etc.

We all wish that we don’t need to work multiple hours and see the money appear in our bank account, but sadly that is not the case.

However, the next question is how do you run your side jobs alongside working 9-5?

Here are a few tips of mine that should help you find the balance.

I like mornings, it is where I am most productive, so I get up, have my tea/coffee, do a workout then I spend about an hour on a project, for me that might be writing my weekly email, blogs or working on my fitness/ nutrition guides.

Once I do that, I head to work. I like to enjoy my lunch breaks and just take the time to eat my food so I don’t do other projects during this time.

Once I am home from work, I then work on my projects for around another hour/ hour and a half. I live by calendars, I colour co-ordinate my calendars and time block.

Have realistic deadlines and commit to it. That way you will actually get things done. It will simply begin to fall into your routine and become part of the running of your day.

If it is a new project that you are starting, ensure you always have a plan in place. Do reasearch, and break down the project into small parts. For example if you are writing a fitness guide, break it down inti sections, such as week 1: write the workouts, week 2: take photos for the guide etc and then by week 6, the launch date and it will actually be completed on time.

My final tip is do not work all weekend. Set time aside for your work, but always make sure you have time for yourself and to do the things that you want to like Netflix, go out with friends and family, read a book etc.

Currently every week I write at least 3 blogs, one weekly email, website work, client check-ins and I also study. I can say that a few times I have spent the whole weekend just trying to finish things which euqates to stress and you wont enjoy it anymore.