Let Your Heart Feel Light

Feeling lighter is something that we all should actually look to be like. 

Having that feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders and when things flow with ease, that is essential. 

If we want to feel like this, here are a few tips:

  1. Look at the little signs in life
  2. Stop being hard on yourself 
  3. Stop judging yourself 
  4. Follow your heart
  5. Listen to what your head says
  6. Stand up straight instead of slouching
  7. Look at what is triggering you and see how you can release this
  8. Plan self care days
  9. Give yourself space 
  10. Allow yourself to have feelings and emotions instead of holding them in.

What does feeling lighter look like to you? 


Is A Deload Week Really The Worst Week?

How often should you have a deload week?

For those of you that are not aware, a deload is when you schedule in a reduction in your training volume. The main reason for this is to help improve your workouts when you begin your next cycle. 

You drop the weight that you lift or you may even train less than you normally do.

I often take a deload week around every 3-4 weeks, however everyone is different. Many people believe that scheduling in a deload will hinder the progress that they make. 

Deload weeks can occur on a natural basis, for example when you are on holiday or even when you are busy and do not train as frequently as you normally do. 

As a general practice, it is good to schedule these in or just give yourself a week off from training at least every 12 weeks.

It is vital to listen to what your body is telling you. If your body is feeling tired or your performance when it comes to training starts to fall then you know that is the right time to have a lighter week.