Comparisons Serve No Purpose

Happy Sunday. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

It could be through seeng someone getting a promotion, buying a house, getting married or setting up a business while you are still working your way there.

You need to remember that every journey starts somewhere. If this is you:

  1. Remind yourself off your strengths and use these when working on your goals.
  2. Think back to the last couple of years. Look at the things that you have achieved?
  3. What advice would you give to your younger self? These lessons are important to remember.

Focus on your own journey rather than comparing yourself to what others have done so far.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x


What Should You Stop Doing?

Two things that you should stop doing are comparing yourself to other people and waiting for the certain time to start doing what you want to do. 

By stopping comparing yourself to others. It doesn’t matter whether it is the house that they live in, or the fitness progress they have made, no one is the same. 

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to start your journey. These moments do not exist. Waiting for the perfect moment is you putting off all the things that you are fearful off. 

Trust your feelings and go with them. Get the support you need but you have got this. 

No Comparison

How often do you compare yourself to other people?

I have been there and done that too. 

Really, the only person you should compare yourself to, is yourself and the person you were yesterday. 

Comparing yourself to other is wrong on so many levels. 

You end up genuinely believing that you cannot do something when in reality you can. 

You are stopped from stepping out of your comfort zone

You compare your weaknesses to other peoples strengths. 

By adopting this mindset, you often doubt yourself and give up easily. 

Uncover your limiting beliefs so that you can be the successful person you want to. 

Don’t Be The Loudest

Self confidence isn’t about being the loudest or biggest personality in the room. 

It actually means not caring about how loud or quiet you are. It means focusing on your happiness above all.

If you constantly sit there and wonder what other people are thinking and comparing yourself to them and using this as a benchmark of where you feel you should be, then this isn’t self confidence. 

Rewire your through patterns, try something new such as art, knitting, music etc. Find something that supports your patterns. That is when you really begin to feel confident.