Change The Narrative

Happy Wednesday. I hope that your week is going well so far.

Something that we can all relate to is not wanting to go to certain places because there are memories that are attached to them.

These might be places, where someone was rude to you, a place where you were hurt or hurt yourself, a place that you feel weak and hopeless, a place that makes you scared to revisit.

I have some of these places too. Places that I have avoided because they cause me stress and anxiety, however what I have learnt to do is to re-write the narrative, and not hide from these places.

If you want to take back the narrative, do the following:

  1. Laugh at the place where you cried
  2. Scream and shout out loud, at the place where you felt unheard
  3. Grow where they made you feel small

You don’t need to hide from the places, create a safe space in your head and around you. Remember, you are strong.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x


Anxiety Reducing Tips

Hi There.

I hope you are well.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I want to share some of my practices and habits that I have got into that help to reduce anxiety.

  1. Journal. I write down my fears and reframe them into something positive.
  2. I am kind to myself during moments of anxiety. I am strong.
  3. I take a walk in nature, that helps me to stay calm.
  4. See those people that bring out the best in you and make you smile.
  5. Do the things that I enjoy.

By getting into good habits, it helps you to unlearn and unstick those habits that trigger your anxiety.

What other good habits can you practice?

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Life Is Too Short

Hi, Happy Monday.

How was your weekend?

Many things have got me thinking, but the one thing that springs to mind is that life is too short for us to get stuck in the things that drain our energy.

Life is too short to:

Not feel valued. Surround yourself with people that encourage you to be your best self.

Not believe you are good enough. You are good enough. Ignore other people’s opinions.

Not love yourself. Learn to love being yourself and life will be lighter and you will be happier.

Not take action. You know you are capable, so go for what you deserve.

What else is life too short for you not to do?

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Good Physique?

Hi. Happy Sunday. How is your weekend going?

Do you have fitness goals this year, mainly relating to your physique?

It is great to want to build muscle and tone up but not everyone is in a place with their body where they can do this.

If that is you, maybe you should try to:

  • Focus on your internal health
  • Work on your relationship with food
  • Fix your metabolism
  • Work on maintaining good digestion
  • Not be so strict on yourself

Sometimes focusing on your internal health can actually be better for you.


  • Meal prepping
  • Getting movement in daily
  • Sleeping at least 8 hours
  • Drinking your 2litres water
  • Hitting PR’s in the gym.

Try the little things and they will equate to bigger things.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

A Little Self-Care

With Christmas just around the corner, we shouldn’t neglect self-care. What are some ways we can do this?

  • Remove any regrets you have
  • Be proud of your progress that you have made
  • Wrap up any loose ends that you have
  • Look for the beauty in things
  • Accept your imperfections
  • Shine a positive light on yourself
  • Make a Christmas wish

Remember that self-care isn’t just physical like painting your nails or having a nice bath, it is much deeper than that, it comes from inside and through gratitude.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Happy 2nd Birthday Live Like KK

Happy 2nd Birthday to Live Like KK.

I want to say thank you to all of you for supporting the growth of Live Like KK.

This year, we had a little change in terms of our Logo so things are more clear and concise. We also had a thorough audit of the services that we offer in order to create the best package to help you create the life you want. Our blog is continuing to grow and our mailing list to. It is all down to each and every one of you.

Each year, I strive to improve and make things better, so that I can give the best service and experience to those that come and visit Live Like KK.

I am excited to continue to grow Live Like KK and make it even bigger and better with lots of exciting things to come.

I hope you continue to enjoy what Live Like KK has to offer going forward.

All The Best,

Live Like KK xx

Why Should You Get A Coach?

The holiday season is fast approaching, so I want to give you a few reasons why you should invest in a coach leading up to the holiday season.

  1. Make the best out of the rest of the year, so you aren’t starting at zero in January.
  2. Have a plan of action gong into the end of the year feeling confident about what you want to achieve.
  3. Start building and implementing healthy habits and stay grounded.
  4. Have someone hold you accountable and help you with your own specific needs.

As a coach, I want you to have the most successful end of the year and feel your best going into the new year. If this is something you are looking for, email me and I will be in touch.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Love Your Food

Hey There! How are you?

I am coming at you with the word temptation when it comes to food. Do you remove all temptation?


How do you fix this?

  1. Portion the food rather than handfuls of the food.
  2. Be consistent. Your relationship with food won’t change overnight. Keep eating the foods even if you do have a slip up.
  3. Get someone who can hold you accountable. That can be a coach or a family member or friend. Message or call them.
  4. Allow yourself to have the foods. Take the negative stigma away that foods are bad and enjoy it.

What other ways help you to build a healthy relationship with food?

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Let Go

Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Let go of:

  • Toxic people
  • Past mistakes
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • People pleasing
  • Negative Self-Talk

The first step to letting go is to acknowledge what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Once you do this, be aware of where these things show up in your life and respond to this in a different way.

What are you going to let go of now?

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

Summer Loving

With Summer being here, there are bound to be parties, bbq’s and let’s not forget the long bank holiday weekend at the end of August. 

What should you not do after a weekend of celebrations?

  • Restrict
  • Eat less the next day
  • Not eating carbs to make up for it
  • Do countless amounts of cardio.

What should you be doing?

  • Prioritise your sleep and recovery 
  • Rehydrate 
  • Go back to your normal eating habits 
  • Move your body whether that is steps or a workout 
  • Remember that you had a good time and have made happy memories. 
  • Let go of what you can’t control.

You shouldn’t kick yourself for eating and drinking more than you feel was expected of you. The thing about metabolism is that there isn’t such a thing as working off the food you ate. 

What needs to stop is the restricting and overeating cycles. Instead feed the body with wholesome foods all week. 

All The Best,

Live Like KK x