Steps To Boost Creativity

Creativity is defined as using our imagination or original ideas to create something. Creativity is an important component of wellness because it helps to boost your health through challenging yourself and brain. Many people think you either have creativity our you don’t, when in fact this isn’t the case. We all have creativity, it is just how we choose to use it. 

You can practice creativity in your everyday life. Something as simple as journalling is known as creativity. Other activities that are classed as creative can be knitting, drawing, painting and sewing. 

You can also change your mindset to help you boost your creativity levels. You can do this by; learning new ideas at the right time, be open to new things and ask questions. 

By learning new ideas at the right time, this means learning at a time when you are unable to be interrupted. 

Being open to new things, is about being flexible about trying new creative activities.

Asking questions is about allowing your memory to find more information that helps you to solve things you are not sure about. 

Other steps that you can take to boost your creativity and intellect is to:

Determine what you want. Figure out your short and long term goals. 

Determine where you can get the knowledge that you are seeking, i.e. books, seminars, classes.

Apply yourself. 


Show Up

If you had the choice, how would you choose to show up this week?

What things would you say?

What changes would you make?

What could you do for yourself?

Who can you help?

Simply dig deeper and see what answers you can come up with.

You have the choice. You don’t need to follow what other people are doing. You do what you need to do in whatever way you feel will make an impact and it will be great. 

There Will Be An Answer

You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need all the answers. 

There is always something to know and learn. 

Where you are right now and what you know right now is all that we need. 

What you need to do is to take the next step and not be afraid of whether or not it will work. 

Figuring it out along the way is part of the journey. Start now and allow the rest to flow. 

Trust yourself, trust that you know enough and move forward in the direction that you want. 

When You Don’t Have It All Together

I want to talk about having it all together. 

There is a lot of value in being positive and happy. 

When someone asks “how are you?” Think about what your response is. Is it umm “I’m okay”, “I’m good”. 

Think about the ways that you are doing good and the ways you are not. 

When you actually open up and face how you actually are feeling, you are open to healing and getting support. 

Today, think about stillness. 

Be real and honest with yourself and ask:

  1. What are you struggling with?
  2. Where are you not feeling so good?
  3. Where do you not have it all together?

When you answer these questions honestly, we can start giving ourselves what we really need or ask for help. 

Opening up is allowing myself to be honest with myself and how I can look after myself and what can I do better?

Alignment Affects Perception

Just as much as the next person, I am all about living in a world that is full of rainbows and unicorns however, if that is what you believe living in alignment is then unfortunately you have been tricked. 

When you are considering alignment, you need to ask the question, what version of yourself are you aligning to?

If you feel that all is good and you have got all that you want then that is fine, you can keep aligning with the current version of yourself.

However, if you want something different and you are feeling stuck in a rut and you are aligning to your current self, you will keep feeling this way. 

On the other hand, your future self may be different to who you are at the moment.

This person may be more:

  • Open
  • Patient
  • Confident
  • Courageous 
  • Outgoing
  • Expressive
  • Loyal

And there are so many more words that I could go on and on.

Instead of actually trying to seek alignment, ask yourself 

  1. What could you do that will make you feel proud?
  2. What actions would increase your self-esteem?
  3. What could make you feel more confident? 
  4. What would the successful and future me do?

By asking yourself these questions, they will keep you in alignment with something that helps you to improve and better yourself rather than feeling uncomfortable and unsure with your current situation. 

I Compose My Own Vibration

I can be a person who always likes to say yes to things, however, I have been forced to say no and actually look at how I want to spend the free time that I have. 

I ask myself if I need time to reset my battery? I will then leave one night to please myself. 

Who do I enjoy spending my time with? I will hang out with these people. 

What do I have fun doing? I will do these activities and avoid ones that make me stressed or anxious. 

Say yes to the things that you want and say no to those that you don’t without making up excuses. Simply protect your energy, it is precious.