Align Your Life

A good wellness practice that helps us in the long run is to identify triggers of things that stress us out.

This is important if we want to create a routine that is aligned with the life we want to live.

Take some time out to think about events that may contribute to your stress for example:

  • Paying bills
  • Attending a certain appointment 
  • Taking an exam 
  • Work problems 
  • Taking care of your family 

Write whatever it may be down and ways that you can manage them. It could be through colouring, journaling, meditating or going for a walk. 

You will be surprised at how well you manage.

All The Best, 

Live Like KK x


Flexibility Is The Key To Stability

Allow room for flexibility. 

Sometimes my routine goes exactly how I want it, other times it doesn’t. You need to give yourself the flexibility. 

By having your non-negotiable things in place that whatever my mood, I will spend a minimal amount of time doing my routine.  

How my morning routine goes really depends on a few variables such as how I have slept or generally if I am motivated enough. 

Be kind to yourself, if you cannot do everything. 

Be as consistent as you can. 

You Don’t Find Balance, You Create It

I want to talk about balance. 

We live in a society where we are struggling with stress, poor mental health and even getting burnout. Due to this, we are often looking for cures in order to help us along the way. 

We are overwhelmed trying to keep up with our relationships, long working days and trying to do as much as possible, resulting in our brains needing a break. 

This is me saying bring back some balance to your life. This will go a long way and will have positive effects on your life.

If you want to find balance, I suggest the following:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables 
  • Schedule time away from technology 
  • Movement and stretching 
  • When doing tasks, think about the task itself and why you are doing it
  • Write lists of things you need to do / remember 
  • Have a good bedtime routine-maybe even get into bed earlier.

I know it can sound counterproductive to say relax, however, you have to do it sometimes. Prioritise yourself.

Life is about finding the balance between holding on and letting go. 

Life Begins Each Morning

When it came to the weekends, I used to feel anxious because I was out of my routine in terms of fitness and nutrition. 

This was actually a warning that my diet wasn’t sustainable. 

The problem with diets is that you can pick and choose when you want to do them which is a problem. 

You need to learn how to fuel your body in the right way and strike the right balance. 

Work on your relationship with food, treat yourself, eat foods that you enjoy. 

You need to be consistent. This is when the real progress will be made and where you will be happiest and your best self. 

Live and Let Live

With Christmas coming up, I thought I would talk about how I enjoy having time off my routine but at the same time having it keeps me sane and on track.

If you do not have a plan, then you don’t have a direction.

Taking time off wont ruin the progress that you have made.

A few things that I like to remember when I have trouble taking a break are:

  1. Consistency is worth more than perfection
  2. One week will not ruin everything
  3. It is important to allow our body to rest and recover
  4. Life is for living and needs to be enjoyed.

Have a good Christmas with good food and make the best out of the situation.

How To Run A Business Alongside A Full-Time Job.

I am now back to doing a 9-5 job and let me just say, it feels good to havea routine again.

We all have hobbies that we enjoy and want to make a career out of whether that is making music, painting, blogging, sports etc.

We all wish that we don’t need to work multiple hours and see the money appear in our bank account, but sadly that is not the case.

However, the next question is how do you run your side jobs alongside working 9-5?

Here are a few tips of mine that should help you find the balance.

I like mornings, it is where I am most productive, so I get up, have my tea/coffee, do a workout then I spend about an hour on a project, for me that might be writing my weekly email, blogs or working on my fitness/ nutrition guides.

Once I do that, I head to work. I like to enjoy my lunch breaks and just take the time to eat my food so I don’t do other projects during this time.

Once I am home from work, I then work on my projects for around another hour/ hour and a half. I live by calendars, I colour co-ordinate my calendars and time block.

Have realistic deadlines and commit to it. That way you will actually get things done. It will simply begin to fall into your routine and become part of the running of your day.

If it is a new project that you are starting, ensure you always have a plan in place. Do reasearch, and break down the project into small parts. For example if you are writing a fitness guide, break it down inti sections, such as week 1: write the workouts, week 2: take photos for the guide etc and then by week 6, the launch date and it will actually be completed on time.

My final tip is do not work all weekend. Set time aside for your work, but always make sure you have time for yourself and to do the things that you want to like Netflix, go out with friends and family, read a book etc.

Currently every week I write at least 3 blogs, one weekly email, website work, client check-ins and I also study. I can say that a few times I have spent the whole weekend just trying to finish things which euqates to stress and you wont enjoy it anymore.