Put Yourself First

I just want to remind you, that it is okay to put yourself first. 

If you simply want some space, but you feel like you need to explain why, remember the following:

  • You can’t make everyone happy, What do you want that will make you happy?
  • You can’t do your best if you are running on an empty tank 
  • Listen to how you are feeling, and if you need a break take it 

You deserve to have the time and space just for yourself. 


Free Yourself

Boundaries are something that I want to talk about. 

I used to be someone who like do whatever they want whenever they want and I used to think that this would benefit people such as working on my commute or doing extra things that I could fit in, however upon refection this wasn’t the best.

It became unmanageable. Being flexible just to please others didn’t have the effect that I expected because people had boundaries to protect themselves. 

By having boundaries you have more freedom. 

On my days off, I have one day for work and one day for whatever I want to do. 

I’ll exercise or go for a walk

I will help around the house. 

What are some of your personal boundaries?

Take A Moment And Relax Your Mind

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what is happening around us. Take in the smells, sounds, and how you are feeling.

Did you hear that noise? Why was it so loud? What was that smell? Did it smell good or bad?

All these things happen so fast. We act how we do because of them, however we rarely actually pause for a moment and think about the impact that these things have on our life. 

They may be good, they may not. They may also contribute to our life. 

However, we can only really know this when we create the space and be present at that moment.

It isn’t easy, but it is possible. 

Through being mindful, it can enable you to create a space where you go from feeling lost to feeling found and from a variety of reactions. 

Let Your Heart Feel Light

Feeling lighter is something that we all should actually look to be like. 

Having that feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders and when things flow with ease, that is essential. 

If we want to feel like this, here are a few tips:

  1. Look at the little signs in life
  2. Stop being hard on yourself 
  3. Stop judging yourself 
  4. Follow your heart
  5. Listen to what your head says
  6. Stand up straight instead of slouching
  7. Look at what is triggering you and see how you can release this
  8. Plan self care days
  9. Give yourself space 
  10. Allow yourself to have feelings and emotions instead of holding them in.

What does feeling lighter look like to you?