How You Look Is Not A Reflection Of Your Life

Changing your body and how you look doesn’t make your quality of life better. 

If you sit there and think you feel great and have had a good day because you can see your abs or six pack, this isn’t a healthy way of thinking. 

I was a person who weighed myself on a daily basis and the number on the scale dictated my life and how my day would pan out. It would dictate what I ate and what social plans I had. 

On reflection, this wasn’t healthy nor did it make me feel happy. In fact, I was more lost.

I decided to change my outlook. I trained in ways I enjoyed, ate food that made me feel good, stopped tracking and now living a more balanced life.

Go out there, create a life that enables you to feel your best and make the most out of situations.


Experience Tells You What To Do, Confidence Allows You To Do It

When I was growing up, it wasn’t about the types of clothes we wore, it was about how skinny and how flat your stomach was. 

When I think back, it is something that actually sill grates me now. 

What we experience shape who we are as people.

The lifestyle above taught me:

  1. Eat less and do tonnes of cardio
  2. Physical health over mental health
  3. You need to look a certain way to fit in. 

In reality this isn’t the truth. You don’t need to look or be a certain way. 

Confidence isn’t just about your body. It is also about wearing clothes you feel comfortable in, prioritising self-care and eating foods that make you feel good. It isn’t about following trends at the cost of your mental health. 

Why Does The Number On The Scale Fluctuate?

Let us all admit, we can let the number on the scale get the best of us. It is simply a tool of measurement. It is not reflective of how hard you work or your worth.

It is important to realise why the number on the scale changes. Here are a few reasons:

  1. You ate later than you normally do. Food takes time to digest
  2. You have inflammation. This can be from training or illness.
  3. You have a higher food volume in your stomach
  4. You had a different level of water or sodium. This in turn can cause water retention.
  5. You have eaten more cars than normal. More carbs relates to more glycogen which equals more water in your body.
  6. You drank alochol.
  7. You have fluctuating hormones, for women, this is especially during that time of the month.

When you feel like going mad over the number on the scale, just use it to help you progress, not to get over the top about it.

Also, note that you don’t even need to weigh yourself everyday. A couple of times a week is more than enough to track your weight and average.

It Is Not The Number On The Scale That Counts

For so long, I used to be fixated on the number of the scale. How i felt would be based on the number on the scale. What I chose to eat that day and how much exercise I should do would be based on the number on the scale.

The number on the scale would make me so anxious.

Now I look back, I realise that it was the completely wrong mindset.

I now think about the following:

  1. How can I become a better person?
  2. What improvements can I make in my life?
  3. How can I support those around me?

The number on the scale is only a tool in which you measure your progress. The number on the scale does not define you. You are more than just a number.

We need to seek happiness and love ourselves for who we are and better ourselves everyday.